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What Is Jeet kune do?

Jeet Kune Do is the philosophical approach to martial arts developed and promoted by Bruce Lee. Jeet Kune Do combines efficiency, strength and speed to intercept attacks directly, referencing principles and combat skills from various martial arts from all over the world.


The Jeet Kune Do Legacy Academy is Australia’s premiere Jeet Kune Do school. Our community of martial artists train in the philosophy and teachings of Bruce Lee while developing close combat skills with self-defence applications. Sigung Ricardo Vargas has dedicated his life to learning and passing on the legacy of Jeet Kune Do to new students and instructors all over Australia and the world.

Sigung Ricardo Vargas

A 2nd generation student of Bruce Lee, Sigung Vargas holds the Full Instructor Rank in Jeet Kune Do, he was personally trained and certified by Sigung Richard Bustillo and Sifu Jerry Poteet (both direct students of Bruce Lee). Sigung Vargas combines decades of training in Jeet Kune Do’s physical aspects with a master’s degree in philosophy and theology. His unique approach to Jeet Kune Do, fitness and self-development has helped hundreds of students, from all walks of life, achieve their personal and fitness goals.


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Work up a sweat learning Jeet Kune Do.

We’re not here to mess around. We train long and we train hard. Jeet Kune Do prepares the body and mind for combat through developing proper technique, fitness conditioning and the application of training methods developed by Bruce Lee

Achieve your personal goals and work on you.

Sigung Vargas’ approach to Bruce Lee’s teachings will allow you to understand and better implement Jeet Kune Do’s techniques and principles. Developing focus and self-confidence in JKD, allows you to excel in other areas of your life too.

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Join our JKD Family.

We love to train and work on our skills, but we have a lot of fun too. Our friendly community of students and instructors’ welcome students of ages 10 and up. It doesn’t matter if you have a blackbelt in another style or have never thrown a punch, there is something for everyone in our curriculum.

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