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Due to Covid-19 we had to modify the delivery of our services. At the moment, Sigung Ricardo Vargas is focused on private sessions and the JKDisABILITY program.

Our Classes


“The value of the collective is knowing you are not alone”
- Sigung Ricardo Vargas

Our community of like-minded students come together five times a week to learn and practice JKD together. Sessions can include everything from fitness conditioning and JKD strikes through to weapons training and combat philosophy.

Rates: $25/hr or $200/10 lessons. First lesson free.
Tuesday: 10am and 6.30pm
Thursday: 10am and 6.30pm
Saturday: 9am

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Kids classes

Give your child the gift of self-expression.

Our JKD kids classes are tailored to assist children to become physically active in a safe and friendly environment. Our JKD curriculum allows your child to express themselves physically while also developing self-esteem, confidence and independence.

Rates: $20 per session (45 minutes) / $175 package of 10 sessions. First lesson free.

Monday: 5.30pm
Wednesday: 5.30pm

“A teacher is never a giver of truth; he is a guide, a pointer to the truth that each student must find for himself.”- Bruce Lee

There is nothing more beneficial to your JKD understanding than a one on one session with Sigung Vargas. Whatever your personal or martial arts goals are, Sigung Vargas will take the time to help guide you through JKD principles and tailor the class specifically to your needs.

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“No limitation as limitation, no way as way” - Bruce Lee

Sigung Vargas has spent years working with students with a range of disabilities, helping them to overcome personal challenges and achieve greater mobility, improved self confidence and greater focus in other areas of their lives. 

Sigung Vargas is happy to train you at his studio or travel to yourplace. He has been training some amazing guys in Adelaide and Canberra.

Package Deal


Can’t get enough of JKD? We do our best to help our JKD family achieve amazing skills while also learning the importance of keeping active, developing attention and self-respect. Like this deal? Contact Sigung Vargas for more information.



A welcoming school to learn martial arts

A welcoming school to learn the martial arts and philosophy of the late Bruce Lee. The moment you walk into the Academy you are greeted with lovely people that you make you feel comfortable and motivated to become fit and learn to be able to work your body in ways that you never thought possible. Honestly friends…give it a try!


Sifu Ricardo is amazing

Myself and my partner wanted to take up a hobby together and were looking to lose a few kilos and develop a healthier lifestyle. Ricardo Vargas Jeet Kune Do & Fitness Academy has given us that and so much more. Right from the start we felt welcome and Sifu Ricardo is amazing at introducing new students of all ages and abilities, to the art and teachings of Bruce Lee.


Strongly recommend it to everybody

Amazing!!! Strongly recommend it to everybody without or with any kind of disabilities, I felt that they are really passionate about what they do which means they are really patient, supportive and gives their 100% to help their clients achieve what they need or want.


Engaging classes

Having worked with Sigung Vargas & The Jeet Kune Do Legacy Academy, I got to see their passion for Jeet Kune Do and their love for disability work.
I did not hesitate at all to recommend them to my clients. I get to take my client every Thursday and I can say that he enjoys the class very much. They keep him engaged throughout the whole class.


JKD changed my life

As a man that suffers from anxiety and depression like many, training in JKD has changed my life. Teaching me how to walk on bravely in life and helping me understand how to make the most of things when they are good. But more importantly deal with things when they are bad.


JKD is beneficial

My son currently travels from Sale in Gippsland to East Keilor, a round trip of approximately 6 – 7hours once a month, to train at the JKD Legacy Academy, because it is so beneficial to him. He is looking forward to become an Ambassador for the JKD Legacy!


Sifu Ricardo is an inspiration!

Sifu provides an all-inclusive empowering experience for his clients, my son being one of them. His passion, warmth and caring nature are paramount in his teaching and he is an inspiration to my son and given him a future to strive for!


Caters to those with disability

Jeet Kune Do Legacy Academy offers an all-inclusive service that caters to the needs of those with a disability. The highly individualistic and eclectic philosophy of Jeet Kune Do is the ideal way to develop and cultivate an outlook that helps the individual transcend their disability.

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